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Wannaboo S.r.l.

Contact person

Riccardo Vencato MSc.

Wannaboo (WBO; Italy) is a digital production company based near Verona, Italy. WBO specializes in documentaries, short films and commercial shoots. Their expert team manages the entire creative process and content, from the idea, script, storyboards, shooting, editing, post-production to showcasing at Science Film festivals and other public festivals. Wannaboo has received a number of highly prestigious awards, including the Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in the category “Marketing communication – B2B” for their production “Reggiani – A Thread linking Water, Earth and Sky” or the best video storytelling award mention at the Digital Media Fest for its short video “Venezia – Risorgi on the last Venice Acqua Alta”. Their production “A Fish out of Water” was also selected by Italian Contemporary Film Festival to be shown at the Toronto Film Festival in 2020.

Riccardo Vencato is the founder and CEO of Wannaboo. RC’s expertise lies in documentaries and short films and the use of digital media platforms to connect to a wide audience. RC has directed several science related documentaries. He has taught scientific communication to PhD Students at Padova University.

In eRaDicate, Wannaboo will make short outreach / documentary videos with the DCs and provide training in public engagement as well as feedback on DC presentation skills.