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University of Warsaw

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Andrzej Kutner

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Principal Investigator

Prof. Krzysztof Woźniak, PhD DSc

The University of Warsaw, the top Research University in Poland. The Faculty of Chemistry is ranked first in this field in Poland, due to the number of prestigious publications and grants, research staff and commercialization activities. It offers lab and office space as well as molecular biology equipment: PCR, qPCR, ChemiDoc, a bench-top laminar cabinet, electrophoresis tanks including sequencing gels and Elutrap, two FPLC Bio-Rad NGC Quest Plus 10, with a refractometer, DLS and MALS for SEC-MALS.

Krzysztof Woźniak is the Head of Crystallochemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, UoW, Poland; Head of Laboratory for Structural and Biochemical Research. He is a crystallochemist, is involved in structural studies using X-ray, neutron and electron diffraction of series of drug molecules, and experienced in teaching as a lecturer with over 35-year practice.

Research Project