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Queensland University of Technology

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Professor Jyotsna Batra PhD.

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT; Australia) with its School of Biomedical Sciences (SoBMS) is internationally renowned for combining innovative research with high-quality teaching programs to address global health issues. SoBMS interdisciplinary and collaborative research focuses on key challenges in health, including cancer, genomics and infectious diseases. SoBMS discovery and enterprise generate knowledge and solutions that improve healthcare outcomes for individuals and communities both locally and internationally. SoBMS research-led undergraduate and postgraduate education programs are educating and training the next generation of scientific leaders and entrepreneurs in the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors in the field of Big data and multi-omics technologies.

Prof. Jyotsna Batra is the laboratory head of Cancer Molecular Genetics. Her lab has made several seminal discoveries on genetic factors associated with the risk of prostate cancer and uncovered the mechanism behind their association. Prof. Batra is also a member of the eRaDicate advisory board.

In eRaDicate, the Queensland University of Technology will provide secondment opportunities for the DCs, and provide training in data management, genomics, etc.