Work package 1
Anticancer mechanisms of RAR and VDR ligands

Project 1 – University of Wroclaw (UWr), PL
Genomic actions of RAR and VDR ligands

Project 11 – University of Wroclaw (UWr), PL
Importance of RARγ to the malignant potential of AML blasts

Project 2 – University of Birmingham (UoB), UK
The selective action of RAR ligands

Project 3 – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), IL
Sensitizing AML cells to RAR and VDR ligands to prevent leukaemia relapse

Work package 2
Ligands of nuclear receptors to treat solid tumours and prevent relapse

Project 4 – University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), ES
Treatment of BC and preventing relapse

Project 5 – Medical University of Vienna (MUV), AT
Preventing OC, CRC and related metastasis

Project 6 – Medical University of Vienna (MUV), AT
Preventing PCa and related metastasis

Project 7 – Tissue Gnostics GmbH (TG), AT
Plasmonic Tissue Cytometry

Work package 3
Drug design, synthesis, structural and pre-formulation studies

Project 8 – University of Warsaw (UoW), PL
Modes of ligand binding to VDR

Project 9 – Medical University of Warsaw (MUW), PL
Design and synthesis of a novel compound

Project 10 – Trinity College Dublin (TCD), IE
Pre-formulation studies