Research Project 9

Design and synthesis of a novel compound

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The research task of the Doctoral Candidate at the Medical University of Warsaw (DC-MUW) is to design and synthesize a new chemical anticancer compound. The compound will be obtained as a combination of structural elements of two different anticancer agents. It is therefore expected to show particularly high activity.

Supported by MUW scientists and advisors, DC-MUW will propose the structure of the new compound and participate in the computed prediction of its biological activity. DC-MUW will synthesize one of the designed compounds with the predicted most favorable biological activity profile and confirm its chemical structure by physicochemical and structural studies. DC-WUM will prepare samples of the new compound and provide them to other DCs for biological evaluation in cell lines and on animal models. DC-MUW will use the initial results of the biological studies to further optimize the structure of the new compound and for the subsequent chemical synthesis.