Research Project 6

Preventing PCa and related metastasis

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This research explores new treatments for prostate cancer (PCa) by studying the effects of RAR and VDR ligands, and their interactions with other nuclear receptors, on cancer growth and metastasis. Focusing on the uncharted territory of the TRβ/AR/RARγ/VDR axis, the project aims to develop combination therapies that target cancer stem cells and their progeny in advanced PCa. Through the DC-MUV-2 initiative, the impact of thyroid hormones on PCa growth will be examined using detailed PCa models and human cell lines.

The project will also evaluate the potential of combining anti-thyroid hormone agents with anti-AR, RAR, and/or VDR compounds. Findings will be validated in PCa xenograft models and correlated with patient data to identify characteristics predicting therapy response. This research could lead to groundbreaking combination therapies for advanced prostate cancer, offering new treatment avenues.