Research Project 5

Preventing OC, CRC and related metastasis

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Nuclear receptors act like switches inside of a cell’s nucleus, turning genes on and off and thus controlling the behavior of the cell. The DC in this project will investigate whether new compounds that attach themselves to a specific type of these nuclear receptors – and thus flick the switch on (agonist) or off (antagonist) – can prevent or delay metastasis of colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer. For this, we will test the effect of the compounds on cells in 2D and 3D culture, and establish an innovative in vivo model system. We will assess the tumours and cancer cells by a combination of molecular biology, big data, and cytometry methods.

Furthermore, we will assess whether the compounds can act in synergy with conventional chemotherapeutics. The DC in this project will learn state-of-the art methods in cancer research and will collaborate closely with DC-TG, DC-USC, DC-UoB, and DC-MUW.