Research Project 1

Genomic actions of RAR and VDR ligands

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The project of this Doctoral Candidate (DC1-UWr) will aim to determine whether the combination of RARγ antagonist and VDR agonist is suitable as a differentiation therapy against acute myeloid leukemia (AML). DC will determine the affinities of RARγ antagonist, VDR agonist, and of new compounds to recombinant RARγ and to recombinant VDR. DC will also investigate how these compounds activate transcription of VDR-target genes and how they block transcription of RARγ-target genes. DC will also study activities of the above compounds against AML cell lines and against AML bone marrow blasts from patients. Eventual goal will be to determine global transcriptome in AML cell lines and AML blasts exposed to RARγ antagonist ± VDR agonist.