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Physiolution GmbH

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Grzegorz Garbacz PhD.

Physiolution GmbH (PHY; Germany) is a highly innovative and independent company focused on investigations of the dissolution behavior of solid oral dosage forms under biorelevant test conditions. The cutting edge test methods are based on long experience in the fields of gastro-intestinal tract physiology and biopharmaceutical evaluation of dosage form performance.

Dr. Grzegorz Garbacz is co-founder and CEO of the company, developing state of the art dissolution instrumentation since 2009. PHY received in 2016 the prestigious LUDWIG-BÖLKOW-Technologiepreis of Western Pommerania for developing pHysio-grad® and pHysio-stat®.

In eRaDicate, Physiolution will provide secondment opportunities for the DCs, and provide training in creating spin-out companies.