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Medical University of Warsaw

Doctoral Candidates: 1

Andrzej Kutner

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Principal Investigator (Leader Work Package 3)

Prof. Andrzej Kutner, PhD, DSc (Co-Chair)

The Medical University of Warsaw is the leading academic center for research and education in medical, dental, and pharmaceutical sciences in Poland. The DC will work at the Faculty of Pharmacy in the Department of Organic and Physical Chemistry (DOPC) for theoretical work and in the Department of Drug Chemistry, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (DDC-PBA) for experimental work. DOPC is involved in drug design, modeling, and calculations, and DDC-PBA in synthesis, metabolomics, in vitro evaluation, and physicochemical analysis of drug substances and pharmaceuticals.

Andrzej Kutner is experienced in vitamin D chemistry, he is involved in the design and synthesis of analogues of vitamin D. He is teaching synthetic strategies of pharmaceutical substances.

Research Project